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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Practice Green Renovations Have Begun!

The practice green renovations have begun! The scope of the project only includes the most rudimentary of components involving the basic needs for proper turf growth. We have been able to secure qualified contractors at a fraction of the cost compared to previous years of bidding. While the economy has had detrimental effects on many of us, there are economic benefits to having the foresight to do some projects with absolute merit. The practice green project focuses on providing sunlight and drainage to an area that is enjoyed by all members. Years of excessive growth to the surrounding pine trees has limited sunlight. The first key component needed to grow quality putting green turfgrass. Drainage is the second key component. The practice green sits in a bowl where all surrounding water drains to (see photo #1). Wherever water collects, turfgrass dies. We spend an exorbitant amount of money on labor and materials each year trying to keep the practice green healthy. It has been a losing battle. With the proper foundation, sunlight and drainage, we will succeed in providing a quality facility and save money in the operating budget for many years to come.
The trees between the practice green and #9 will be replaced with an attractive array of smaller plant material. The pines bordering the parking lot will be replaced with a wooden barrier that is the same as what was installed next to #7 green.
I will continue to update the blog with photos as we progress.

Water Collects and Suffocates Turf.

Before View Looking Back Towards Hole #9.

Crane Removes Trunk From White Pine During Removal Process.

Removal Completed. View Looking Back Towards Hole #9. Blanket of snow covers area on 12-09-09.