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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greens Open Early! Members Get Unexpected Bonus!

Not only have the greens been open the last two days, the earliest on record, but we have accomplished all greens aerification in record pace. By the end of today, all aerification, cleanup and major topdressing will be complete. Spring aerification was originally scheduled to take place the week of April twelfth. Recent weather conditions in conjunction with important agronomic practices like September deep-tine aerification have presented us with a fantastic opportunity. The ability to complete the spring aerification one month early.
What does this mean to our members?
By jumping on this “perfect storm” of opportunity, members have the best chance of having the longest season of uninterrupted putting surface quality. In addition, the achievement was carried out at a time when golfers will suffer the absolute least amount of inconvenience.
Remember we have used very small tines this spring, the size of a golf pencil. While the grass has not started to grow yet, early aerification and topdressing will help the turf break dormancy and heal as quickly as plant genetics and weather conditions allow. It will also help putting surfaces to dry quicker after precipitation events over the next few transitional weeks. Most importantly, putting surfaces will be smoother over the next six to eight weeks.
I would like the thank Green and Grounds Chairman Barry Burke, Golf Chairman Jim McMahon, President Harry Black, G.M. Sean McLaughlin and Head Professional Jim Hanlon for their quick decisive efforts in helping me achieve our ultimate goal, member satisfaction. The plan had to be put together rapidly and would not have been successful without the collaborative team effort.