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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sub-Surface Green Drainage Complete!

The exterior main line drainage will be completed early next week. This drainage encompasses the tie in of all lateral piping from the green. We are also re-grading the rough on the south side between the parking lot and the practice green. This area needs to be re-graded to provide proper surface drainage. Trapped surface water on the practice green is a major cause of turf failure.

There are two important components to proper drainage. Surface and sub-surface drainage. Our construction company has two specialized crews. One crew does only sub-surface drainage on the green and the other performs both surface and sub-surface drainage on the exterior of the green cavity. The later will be in on Monday to continue the project. "On Course Construction" has been tremendous in working with us to schedule and complete all aspects of our project and more. The doubling of staffing and the incredibly specialized and professional staff has provided us with a tremendous product thus far. We are ahead of the game considering the most trying of work environments (March precipitation near double the average).

What's next?

Both surface and sub-surface exterior drainage to be completed.
Sodding of bad spots on green and surrounds.
Landscaping of area between #9 green and practice green.
Landscaping of fence line bordering the parking lot.
Old tent area sodded.

In just a few weeks the healing will be over and no one will know we were there. Everyone will just enjoy a wonderful, healthy and aesthetically pleasing practice green and its surrounds.

Final compaction of drainage lines

Final cleanup under way