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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Practice Green Project Continues!

Post-project maintenance is integral to a speedy recovery. We are fine tuning all work that the outside company has performed. We are touching up sod work, overseeding, fertilizing and topdressing the entire area to facilitate the fastest recovery possible!
Monday, April 12th, I spent my afternoon at the wholesale nursery picking out the plant material that will provide some of the finishing touches to the entire project. I was able to secure some beautiful yet functional landscape plants that will provide a wonderful and aesthetically pleasing barrier between the 9th green and the practice green. The key was picking pleasing material that will not block important seasonal sunlight and air flow, yet still provide both a sound barrier and errant shot barrier that can be aesthetically pleasing from several angles. Aesthetic improvements must be reviewed from the 9th hole approach, the practice green, the parking area and the clubhouse porch view.
We are using a mix of specimen trees and shrubs that provide a season long barrier without being detrimental to the ultimate goals of the project.
I feel confident that the members will like my choices and be pleased with the final results.
We will also be planting shrub varieties along the new parking lot fence-line to enhance aesthetics and the screening of the parking lot.
The planting of this material will hopefully be completed before weeks end!
Our next step is the final improvement of the bordering turfgrass behind the 9th green, turf improvement between the barrier planting and the practice green and the sodding of the old tent area to the east of the the cart staging area. These areas will be addressed next week.
We want to accomplish all facets of our project as quickly as possible during the the optimum success period of early spring. We are working hard to manage our labor in a way that provides you with consistently fine course conditions and still be able to accomplish our project goals. The tremendous early spring weather has caused us to adjust so we can provide everyone with both. We will succeed!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!