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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fairways Have Dollar Spot Disease

The disease, Dollar Spot, is very common on all types of turfgrass. This is the most common disease we face all season. As with all fungi that effect turfgrass, the spores are always present. The disease becomes active when environmental conditions become favorable.
The common name, Dollar Spot, was termed due to the shape and size of the infected turf patches. They are about the size of a silver dollar. As the disease progresses these patches will coalesce and appear larger. Infection can spread rapidly if not controlled.
Needless to say, as of this morning, we have reached the threshold of the extent of damage we can withstand before turfgrass quality and playability become compromised.
We are spraying all fairways this morning.
All fairways have the disease but some are showing symptoms worse than others. This is very common because of the variety of growing conditions and micro-climates throughout the course.

Close-up Of One Spot

Close-up Of Small Grouping

Coalescing Spots

Broad View On Hole #14. 6 Feet On Tape Measure