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Monday, June 7, 2010

When Aerifying Greens Shouldn't Scare You!

The words "aerifying greens" can strike fear into the hearts of golfers everywhere. Aerifying is a necessary cultural practice performed to varying degrees of aggressiveness. It’s one of the most beneficial maintenance practices we perform.
Aerifying is not always so aggressive that the surface quality of the greens are sacrificed. We are taking advantage of the flexibility of the new aerifier by aerifying some weaker greens with 3/16" needle tines.
We aerifyed the practice green this morning and then single cut it. The videos and pictures below show how non invasive this process is. Immediately after mowing, the holes are virtually invisible.
The benefits of this type of non invasive aerification provides us with another tool to balance turf health and consistent putting quality during the peak of the season. Unfortunately, we will always need to perform the more aggressive aerification in the spring and fall but we already know that that’s what affords us the outstanding peak season conditions.