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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's Wrong With The Practice Green?

The turf on the practice green is having difficulty adjusting to its new environment, especially with the record heat and humidity. The Poa Annua, Annual Bluegrass, has been growing in an almost completely shaded environment for many years. This creates a problem because it is not genetically suited for the full, all day sun it now receives.
Our goal right now is to save as much turf as possible and continually overseed with the desired bentgrass. We are raising the height of cut and will be employing several cultural practices like water injection aerification, needle tine aerification along with added fertilizer and fungicide applications.
What does this mean for our members? Unfortunately, playing conditions will suffer. It will not putt like the rest of our greens for quite a while.
It is imperative that we take this approach now to limit more damage and replace the senescing Poa with the more desired Creeping Bentgrass.
Thank you for your patience!