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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fairway Aerification Completed

Fairway aerification and cleanup will be completed by the end of today except for some minor touching up. The weather may not have been ideal, but the maintenance staff did a terrific job!
That is the end of major aerification until the end of the season. The warmer temperatures expected next week should help the greens and fairways heal nicely and we can focus on improving playability. The  intense early season maintenance provides the foundation for the highly manicured turf to survive the stress of summer. Our early season sacrifices will pay off during the peak season of mid-May through September.

Cores Being Dragged to Break up Soil

Remaining Debris Being Blown Off Fairways

Large Tractor Mounted Blower Cleaning Off Fairways
Sweeper-Vacuum Removes a Majority of Debris From Rough