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Friday, June 10, 2011

Greens To Get a Little Love!

Next week is the perfect opportunity to perform some uninvasive maintenance practices that will help our greens survive the stress of summer. There is no outing on Monday June 13th and no events scheduled until the FWGA Super Senior event on Thursday June 16th.

Both the golf schedule and the long range forecast are perfect for us to accomplish our goals of balancing turf health with member satisfaction. While playing conditions won’t be ideal on Monday June 13th and Tuesday June 14th, the results for the rest of the week and beyond will be very positive. We are going to lightly verticutt, needle-tine (vent) and topdress the greens. Verticutting helps reduce grain and needle-tining helps get necessary oxygen to the roots of the turf plant. Topdressing smoothes the surface and enhances the results from both processes. By Wednesday or Thursday our members will notice the improved putting conditions and turf health will increase! A “win-win” situation!

We do our best to balance these types of health maximizing maintenance practices so we can increase and extend premium playability during the prime playing season. It is a delicate balancing act indeed.

I encourage you to continually provide me with feedback on our results. The maintenance plan is a program based on many ever-changing factors designed to maximize your positive experience. We take advantage of every “off-peak” opportunity to continually give you premium “in-peak” results.

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying… Monday and Tuesday will not be so bad! Yes we will be busy and in your way from time to time, but the positive results will be long lived and well worth the minor inconvenience.

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Close up of Needle Tine