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It is my intention to give the readers a better understanding of what we do to maintain The Farms Country Club's 18 hole championship golf course and grounds.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Thanks To The Maintenance Staff!

It's been an interesting year and the maintenance staff has not missed a beat! The "icing on the cake" is their performance this week dealing with Hurricane Irene. The course was closed Sunday during the weather event and Monday for cleanup. We opened for member play on Tuesday knowing those that played would still have to deal with chain saws, blowers, sweepers and more. Wednesday we hosted the delayed first round of the CSGA Mid-Am and we haven't looked back. We still have to accomplish a large amount of debris cleanup inside the woodlines, brush chipping and tree work that can't be safely accomplished "in-house". We will chisel away at it with our reduced staff. Remember, we have now said goodbye to summer staff (3 less employees).

The maintenance staff is mostly comprised of veterans. Yesterday we bought them a pizza lunch to express our thanks. Thanks go out to Sean for insisting on this!

Green and Gounds Chairman, Barry Burke, made it a point to attend and share his thanks with the staff. He really made them feel like they are appreciated! He shared stories of his experiences in his line of work and made them understand what it may feel like to think you go unnoticed until something goes wrong. He was incredibly motivational to say the least!

I and my staff are lucky to have an eleven year chairman who donates his time like this and really cares about the club and the people that make it run. We row the same boat!

Thanks for coming Barry!