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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Update

The good weather has allowed the maintenance staff to continue working on cleanup and projects. Aerifying of the fairways has started and we are addressing areas that required renovations. We are marking all areas with signs, ropes and stakes. Please do your best to stay off the newly seeded areas. Thank you!

Aerifying fairways with 3/4 inch solid tines.

Old Ryan aerifyer used during renovation of #13 green surrounds.

Topsoil being spread behind #13 green.

Seed being applied to aerified and topsoiled areas on #13.

Tine Harrow (large metal mat) drags in the seed, breaks up aerifying plugs and smooths all surfaces.

Tine Harrow dragging completed.

Last Step: Topsoiled areas run over with knobbed tires of sand pro to provide good soil/seed contact. The visible depressions hold water which enhances seed germination.