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Monday, July 30, 2012

Assistant Golf Pro, Jeff Beale, Teaches Golf Course Etiquette!

I just happen to be passing the eleventh green today as Assistant Golf Pro, Jeff Beale, was giving a group of junior golfers a lesson. I noticed that he was teaching them a lesson in golf course etiquette. He was instructing them on how to properly fix ballmarks on greens.  He also elaborated on the fact that this practice, along with divot filling and bunker raking, is part of the rules of the game. I took advantage of the time to address the group of very attentive youngsters. I didn't have too much to say because Jeff seemed to have covered all the basics. He was even pointing things out like ballmarks that had been unrepaired and how long they would take to heal.
I just thought that this was an awesome idea to teach the present and future players of the game that the rules don't just encompass physical and mental skill or imense integrity, the game includes etiquette!

Great Job Jeff!

Jeff Beale gives a lesson in ballmark repair!