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Monday, July 2, 2012

CT Open Qualifier Tees Off On Time! What They Will Never Know!

Last evening's storms were expected but we didn't know the damage we would experience. We had heavy lightning, rain and wind. We worked hard to get the course in the best shape possible for today's participants. Thankfully tee times were scheduled for 7:30 off the front nine only. It gave us some breathing room to prioritize our maintenance. We had a large white pine branch down next to #1 green that needed immediate attention. There were large amounts of debris and hanging branches everywhere. Our goals were prioritized:
  • Safety #1 (We had a tree company respond and arrive by 8:00 AM)
"The Care Of Trees" company was here to take care of 2 limbs that our maintenancece staff were unable to reach on holes #11 and #18.  Both hanging branches were directly over cart paths and posed immediate threats to golfers.

"The Care Of Trees" Company Removing Dangerous Hanging Branches... This One Behind # 11 Green

  1. Our staff took care of the tree damage and hanging branches on rest of course where we could reach.
  2. Make sure tee markers and pin placements follow CSGA plan
  3. Green speed/consistency (greens rolling at 10 on stimpmeter even after .75 inches rain)
  4. Cleanup of tees and fairways
  5. Bunker maintenance (especially around greens)
 Most players will never see the "before and after" of what we face on a morning like this.
White Pine Branch #1
Crew picking up large branches
#16 Green
Final cleanup ahead of play on hole #16

Starting Cleanup on #18 Fairway. It is Priority so we don't bother players on #1.
#18 fairway completed
Hole #12 getting blown off

Seriously? In a cup on Practice Green? Flying Pigs Next?
Just when you are feeling like you kicked butt on an impossible morning you get something like this... I've learned you have never seen it all...