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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Aerifying Tees!

We will have completed aerifying the tees by Thursday, September 27th. Thursday is just about fine tuning the majority of the work accomplished on Tuesday and Wednesday. The weather did not co-operate completely but enough for us to accomplish our agronomic goals while reducing member inconvenience.

Alan Aerifying Tees With 5/8th's Tines on 1.5" spacing
4" depth of plugs
#7 Black Tee Aerified Before Cleanup Takes Place
Chris and Ryan Pick up Cores on Hole #8
Andy Makes The First Pass of Three in The Topdressing Process
When the aerification process is completeted, we will have covered five acres of tees. We will have used at least 75 tons of sand. We had a couple of issues to overcome. #1 was some slight rain which slightly slowed our maintenance procedure.
#2 was the company we normally use for topdressing sand. I won't stoop to the level of their poor business practices by continuing to explain.
We will now be using another company's approved topdressing product N.E.S.S..
The sand specifications are being confirmed by an independent outside company. Hummel & Co., Inc. (the most respected independent company in the industry).
I would like to thank N.E.S.S. for stepping in and helping us finish the job in my alloted timeframe.
Representative, Ed Downing, is helping us finish the job, at a moments notice, with a supperior product! Thank You Ed!