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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lupus Benefit 5K Run! Just Awesome!

Lupus? I really didn't know much until this event. I have learned a lot! I'm all in!

You can find all about this worthy cause at...
Today was awesome!
Our maintenance staff will feel so good when they see this!
They will be proud of what they accomplished this week in preparation. They are awesome!!!
How about the clubhouse staff... U kiddin me...  We mowin it and setting it up but not one of us beatin SCOTT (in the run)!!!
Here are a few pics of such a great day... a million more comin tomorrow
The Runners Are Pumped!!!

Here We Go!
Look at all the love donated on the board behind President Joe Benvenuto and  Assistant Pro Jeff Beale!

Yep... Just Another Harte Bringing It! Ur mom kick ur but every day!!!

Farms Staff kickin butt out there!!! It's all about family!

This Is Cool! I kept messing up on pics because they run faster than my carts!!!

Everyone a Winner For All The Right Reasons!!!
What A Great Day!!!