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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tee Aerification Update and More!

I thought that tee aerification would be completed by day's end. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate because the sand didn't dry fast enough. This is a very minor setback and will not effect play. We did mow all the tees today and we anticipate a considerable amount of rain tomorrow. Tomorrow's rain will wash-in / compact the topdressing sand into the holes. It is imperative to fill the holes completely. We will be able to achieve our agronomic goals with a light topdressing next week. This practice will not effect playability in the slightest!

We have been working on overseeding two damaged fairway areas. The two areas include the fairway in front of #14 green and the beginning of #17 fairway. The problem is completely attributable to excessive thatch caused by a reduction in aerification. The governing committees have recognised this situation and have addressed it in the 2012 / 2013 budget. In the mean time, we have taken aggressive steps to fix the 1/2 acre of fairway damage (there are 27 acres of fairways).
We have aerified, seeded and topdressed these areas twice. The following pictures show the second aerification and overseeding we performed today. The first oveseeding was successful enough to reduce the damaged areas to less than 1/4 acre. We have accomplished all fairway repairs within budget!

Aerified holes in fairway before seeding
Topressing after seeding
Dragging sand & seed into aerification holes