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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Tests Our Team

While we experienced a considerable amount of debris and a few Conifers (Pine Trees) which were uprooted, we have already made the course safe for play. We only had .75 inches of rain and I expect the course to re-open tomorrow. We will still need some morning clean-up time to make the course playable.
I will send a mass-email by 9AM Tuesday to let you know the exact opening time and how we will open the course (front nine first etc.).
The good news is that there was no damage to trees that have an integral role from an architectural or aesthetic standpoint. We did all the tree work we could "in-house" and spent the rest of the day working in concert with an outside company to reduce outside service costs. Our ultimate goal was player safety while keeping repair costs at a minimum and shortening our re-opening time.
I suspect, after my final daily assessment, we will open the front nine first tomorrow.
I am very proud of the maintenance staff and their hard work both in preparation and repair after the storm.
I would also like to thank Sean and Chef Jay Quinlan for feeding the boys today!!!
Here are a few pictures from today.
Staff working in dark to give us acces to course!
#3 tee  before

Close-up of #3 tee pines
3 Pines removed on #3 after severe damage
Uprooted spruce tree between #1 & #18
Maintenance staff taking care of removal of spruce between #1 & #18
Spruce uprooted in parking lot