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Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Farms Gets Hammered! 38 inches???

Wallingford is not one of the official measurement stations for the state of CT. We know we had at least 35 inches of snow! The only way to clean our lot is by loader. It took 5 hours to just clean our maintenance driveway so we could get to the clubhouse. The pictures will speak volumes!!! I'm very proud of the hard work the maintenance staff performed under the most grueling of circumstances! We still have a long way to go. Our #1 priority is to make the clubhouse accessible for staff tomorrow by 10AM!
Maintenance facility cleaned first... Obvious reasons!

Cheshire road only one lane heading west to club

Clearing lot with loaders

Front clubhouse
Both loaders working. Plow truck can't handle 38"'s!!!
It So Bad That National Guard Called In!!!

Have to give this to nice lady... I had to let plow truck go by and I pulled in. We have ties in our neighborhood that go back to 70's!!! She awesome!
Parker Farms Road
Andy and Paul Add Scale to Pic!
Crazy Amount of Snow!
I have a great Idea! Everyone should send me their pictures of this monumental snowstorm so I can post for all to see! Send me everything you have of "you and yours!" You know the address!
I'll post it in a slide show! I was thirteen when we had storm in 1978. It wasn't as bad as this. Once in a lifetime!