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Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo! Course Status!

We are finally staring at three days of sunshine! What will happen? The turf is going to finally start growing!!!

We have begun our Spring herbicide applications. I would have started a little earlier, but it has been so wet that the damage from equipment would have been intolerable. Not to worry... We are still right on time!
#5 Pond slowly receding from fairway
Greens are slowly improving after aerification and they look very healthy. Warm days will speed the process. We will start to slowly lower the height of cut tomorrow. This is our standard procedure early in the season. The creeping bentgrass and Poa Annua are not growing much yet and we are mostly mowing sand. Obviously, sand does not help our mowers. The blades dull quickly and must be changed often.

Divot mix is now being put on the course and at the pro-shop. Remember the rule! Use divot mix on tees and fairways only. If divot mix is not available, replace your divot. Always replace your divots in the first cut and rough.

Buckle Up! We have a golf season on our hands!