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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bunker Renovation At 14 Green Progressing Nicely!

The right greenside bunker renovation on hole 14 is progressing nicely. Assistant Superintendent Chris Berry did a great job running this project!
We removed the old sand and fabric. Step two was the repairs to the drainage system. We also added some new pipe to the left side to reduce potential washouts during heavy rain events. The third step was the addition of screened topsoil to re-contour the base and get prepared for the sod which will be installed next week.
Once the sod "liner" is installed, we wait until spring to complete the job. For more information on what happens in the Spring, refer to a previous blog entry showing the process...
"Bunker Renovation On Hole 14 Complete"
Obviously the bunker is being played as Ground Under Repair until Spring completion.
Pipe repairs and additional section installed to catch extra flow which enters the bunker during heavy rain events.
Drains complete and ready to begin adding topsoil. Notice how steep the greenside lip is in this photo.
Topsoil base being added.
Base complete and ready for sod.
Notice the reduction in the "lip" height on the greenside edge!