Welcome to my blog! My intention is to give you a more detailed, "behind the scenes" look at what the maintenance department does to take care of The Farms Country Club's private, 18-hole championship golf course. Enjoy!

Divot Day 2013!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Snapping Turtle Lays Eggs Where?

This female snapping turtle decided to lay her eggs in a newly seeded area just to the right of #3 green today.

Close up picture of eggs
Mother done and heading back to pond
Orange flags mark the nest
We will be marking the spot better with the hope that players will respect the area and give the eggs a chance to hatch. The gestation period for snapping turtle eggs is approximately 10 to 13 weeks.
Maybe we'll get the chance to see the babies hatch in September.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

USGA "Fore The Golfer" Videos. All You Need To Know!

Here are some excellent videos published by the USGA Green Section. 
Take the time to watch these short, but informative, videos.

  1. Bunker Etiquette
  2. Selecting Hole Locations
  3. Ball Mark Repair
  4. Cart Traffic
  5. Putting Greens
  6. Etiquette towards Maintenance Personnel
Always take the opportunity to see what is going on agronomically with golf courses in the Northeast by visiting the USGA Northeast Report.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Get Ready For Tough Rough!

I can't believe I'm still getting soil temperature readings in the fifties and it is May 24th!
Don't let this fool you. The turf is finally breaking dormancy.
Especially the rough!
We mow the rough around the greens at a two inch height and the primary rough at two and one-half inches. Don't be fooled... The turf is growing quickly, so what is two inches today might be 25% higher in two days!

Our goal is to mow all rough areas at least once per week. Primary rough and heavy play areas will get mowed twice per week. We also try to "ring" the fairways and greens with a third cut on a weekly basis. Approximately twenty-five feet wide. This cut ensures that a player has a decent lie if they just miss the mark in primary play areas.

Summer is going to come quick. We have already seen signs of wilt (by design) on the course despite the unusually wet Spring weather and high water table.

You may see some greens that look stressed because they are. My ability to stress specific turf varieties, especially Poa Annua, during a "non-stressful" spring weather period, is an opportunity to further improve our chance of surviving summer stress. I know it sounds crazy!
We keep turf as dry as possible while soil temperatures remain cool. The goal is to have turf roots "dig-deep" for water. The enhanced root depth we develop now helps our turf to survive the anticipated summer stress.

THE BETTER THE ROOTS... THE BETTER THE SHOOTS! (shoots are the leaves of the plant)

What You Need To Know!

  • Greens are getting healthy and playing better every day
  • Rough is growing fast!
  • Weed control is almost complete
  • Course fertilization is 75% complete
  • City water project progressing quickly!
    • New irrigation for tennis courts and lawn areas is complete
    • Hydro-seeding on hole #10 is complete
    • 10,000 square feet of sod being laid on hole #10 on Wednesday May 28th, in primary areas, to quickly improve playability and reduce "washouts" from potential heavy rain.
  • ETC.
  • Any Questions??? Let me know!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Rain Keeps Coming!

Two and one-half inches of rain last night has saturated the course yet again! We are back to pumping bunkers and clearing drains.


Roto Rooter clearing root-filled pipe between #17 & #18

#5 pond overflowing its banks into #5 Fairway

Fairway bunker #11