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Wednesday, March 20, 2019


We are making good progress cleaning up the brush from the storm we had in late January. Here are a few pictures.
Brush piled on hole #8

View of brush from top of stairs on #8 tee 

Brush piles on path between #11 tee & #12 fairway

Let the chipping begin!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Clearing Clogged Drain Line Hole #17

There is always something interesting to do in the "off-season".
We had a clogged drain line that was causing water to back up in a catch basin on hole #17 (near #15 tee). Heavy rains and a very high groundwater table was causing water to overflow and run across the fairway. Besides the obvious concern, the cold temperatures have been causing the water to freeze on the fairway which is very detrimental.
The pipe has now been cleared and water is flowing underground again. The ice should melt in the next few days when we receive the predicted rain and warmer temperatures.

Maintenance staff pumping and cleaning the catch basin a week before the cold weather
Backed up water flowing across #17 fairway freezing and building up
A-1 Quality Rooter was hired to clear the line
High pressure water jet being sent up the clogged drain line

Clog cleared and backed up water flowing heavily