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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Course Update and Rarely Seen Fisher!

Aerification of our greens is complete! We have some fine tuning to do as far as topdressing, but all greens are open. I am hoping that we get the forecasted rain and some warmer temperatures in the following days to facilitate healing and Creeping Bentgrass seed germination. We appreciate your patience while we finish preparing the greens for an awesome season. Remember, aerification is the most beneficial cultural maintenance practice we perform every season. While the next couple of weeks may be a bit of a sacrifice in playability, it also secures our ability to maintain optimum playing conditions during the "Prime" season.

We are continuing the bunker repairs and will be sodding some surrounds soon.

Things are really shaping up!

I had the pleasure and luck to see something I've never seen before on the course in my thirty years at the Farms CC, a Fisher (also commonly known as a Fisher Cat). Please understand that I took the following pictures with my phone and I was far away!

In front of #7 green

On the run

Yes, still going

He/She running back into the orchard behind #7 green
I'm blessed to be so lucky to see this kind of rare wildlife on the course! Fishers are rarely seen because they are nocturnal and quite shy. Check out the following link from CT DEP...

Fisher in CT

Here is a photo I found on the Internet. Pretty Cool!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

2013 Golf Season Off to Great Start!

We opened the course on Friday, March 29th and haven’t looked back. Members were treated to fast firm conditions. The maintenance staff is focusing on preparing the course for another outstanding season. We started with course cleanup and bunker preparation.
Bunker preparation is one of our main goals this spring. We are edging all bunkers and manipulating proper sand depth right from the start. Unfortunately, our progress has been slowed by frozen ground this past week. Long range weather forecasts look positive and we should be able to move quicker. You will notice that we are initially skipping some bunkers. We plan to sod some of the areas around these bunkers. We need to coordinate all sodding with delivery of the product. Once sod preparation is complete we will finish the selected bunker surrounds.
We have begun a small project to improve #1 greenside bunker. This is not a complete fix, but should improve playability and reduce maintenance costs.

Burlap bags filled with soil define new edge.
Green aerification will begin Monday, April 8th. The course will be closed Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday’s course availability will be determined by our success and Mother Nature’s cooperation. I will keep you informed!
The irrigation system has been “fired-up” and is ready for aerification. We take no chances with our greens!
We have completed our crabgrass preventative in the majority of the rough.
Bear with us while we perform the all-important spring maintenance tasks which set the tone for the outstanding season ahead!

Thank You!