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Saturday, November 17, 2012

We Saw a Barred Owl!

While supposedly common, this was our first sighting of a Barred Owl. It was sitting on a stump along the edge of #12 fairway. Just inside the wood line. Pretty cool!

For more information check out these web-sites...



Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nor'Easter One Week After Hurricane Sandy

We worked as long as we could today. Snow started to fly and we had to call it soon after!

Mowing rough and snow starting
Still blowing rough
Half of staff still trying to pick up leaf piles
We are actually topressing important areas like #3 approach
We had to call it "quits"

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Made a New Friend Today... Chase!

Nine year old Chase just happened to pass me on the course and I invited him to go for a ride with me. I can't be sure who enjoyed it more, he or I. Chase definitely has skills as a driver. I see a future golf course maintenance worker. I appreciate his family trusting me and I was thrilled they let me take  him for a short ride. After our initial ride , I gave him a radio for him to contact me during his dinner. He informed me that Mac & Cheese was his favorite. Chef Jay Quinlan made a special plate. Chase pointed out that GM Sean also made an amazing ice cream Sunday for him too.

Chase and I then had the opportunity to show off his skills after his family brunch!

Chase shows everyone about divot filling on #10 Tee
Chase also learned about where and where not to drive on the course. He actually questioned my next move, positioning him for the next picture. He knew I was asking him to park somewhere he shouldn't.

Yes I had him pose for this picture! He fought me on it because I had explained earlier this is not where to drive!
I find it amazing I can teach a nine year old so quickly. I promised he wouldn't get in trouble because I helped him park there to make a point!
I was thrilled to meet such an extraordinary young man.
Anytime you want, you come visit me Chase!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quinnipiac Women's Golf Team Win's Quinnipiac Classic!

The Quinnipiac women's golf team won the Quinnipiac Classic with an inspirational, come from behind victory, here at The Farms Country Club on October twenty-third.

I invited team captain, Kayla Ketcheson, to write a guest blog entry for me. So here you go:

It’s been said, “it’s not how you start, but how you finish”; and I could not think of a more appropriate phrase to describe the Quinnipiac women’s golf team’s fall season. The 2012-2013 roster has added five new girls that make a team filled with talent, focus, and moreover laughter and positivity. Over the previous two and a half months, the girls have formed a sisterhood that has supported each other through seven playing events. Having the last day of playing competition at the Farms seemed only fitting. The Farms was responsible for helping put on an extremely successful and well-received Quinnipiac Classic. We could not have asked for better course conditions or weather to finish our fall season.
Going into the second round shortly behind first place, we had not an ounce of fear or worry—but excitement. In the weeks leading up to the tournament, our coaching staff and Paul had given us years of course knowledge. Confident, we made up the necessary strokes on the second day using our course management and knowledge of the greens. No words can adequately describe the satisfaction we felt with our play, as we knew we had won without seeing the numbers tallied. The moment was monumental for the program and for the entire team. I am extremely enthusiastic about following the Quinnipiac women’s golf team even after I graduate this May, as they continue to set the bar higher each year.

(from left to right) Kerry Brown-Asst. Coach, Angelica Muscatelli, Jessica Rotell, Jen Forlenza, Taylor Lambrou, Krissy Unger-Medalist, Kayla Ketcheson-Captain, Hanna Russell, Jenn Whaley, Erin Morton, Alexa Gentile, John O'Connor-Head Coach
Head Coach John O'Connor poses with Medalist Krissy Unger

For more information on the tournament including scores, pictures and video just click the following link:  QUINNIPIAC CLASSIC VICTORY!  

Great Job Girls! We at The Farms Country Club couldn't be prouder of you!