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Saturday, July 26, 2014

25 Ballmarks Today

25 ball marks today that were ill-repaired or not repaired at all.
I was pleased to see that most were just repaired incorrectly. 
That means we are trying to get it right!
25 Ballmarkrs on #8 Today
550 Ball marks on #8 Friday
I will continue to enable and increase your ability to use proper course etiquette. After all... It's part of the game 
Thank You!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ball Mark Repair on Hole #8! Did You Know That Etiquette is Included in the Rules of Golf?

We have the perfect opportunity to show you how important this is. We placed orange flags on every ball mark that was not repaired or repaired wrong on the eighth green.

Staff placing the flags on #8 green.
Maintenance staff finishes and there are near 550 ball marks!
Flags mark the spots!
We then sent out two employees to fix all the ball marks.
Mike coring the dead turf out of each ball-mark's center

Brendan uses ball mark repair tool to close the hole after Mike cores out dead spot
Players fixing their ball marks is truly covered in the rules of golf! It is not only important for the health of the turf but the players behind you have the right to a smooth putting surface.
In an effort to improve our putting greens and help you to "do the right thing", I will be available on the eighth green during Saturday's round of the Ryder Cup to answer questions about ball mark repair. I will also hand out ball mark repair tools and explain the differences. 
I will post new pictures of the eighth green on Sunday morning showing our improvement. We have near 120 members in the field. I would be thrilled to see the eighth green become the ball mark repair "bench mark" by which all greens are measured.