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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

COURSE UPDATE! What have we been doing?

What a difference a year makes. No roof rakes this winter! It's been awesome!

Storm Alfred sure threw us a curveball in October and we had considerable damage to the trees on the course. Our goal after the storm was to make the course safe for our members again. To accomplish our tree repair goals, there were turf areas that had to suffer. We made sure that in-play areas were disturbed as little as possible. All turf repairs will be addressed early this spring. In fact, members will be pleased that many in-play areas should actually improve.

The mild winter has afforded the maintenance staff the ability to address some long standing drainage repairs to systems that were installed over 20 years ago. We have prioritized our repairs in areas where members will notice a difference and we can reduce cost to our labor budget. We have also prioritized our repairs and improvements by maximizing the use of left over materials from previous large-scale jobs. Our material expenditures have been insignificant. Some areas have been maintenance patches while others have addressed immediate problems while preparing for future improvements. A good example is number thirteen men's tee. We are fixing the immediate issue at the cul-de-sac but have prepared the area for future drainage expansions when funding becomes available.

Here are some pictures of the drainage work in progress...
Drainage fixed in front of #11 tee

#11 tee drainage outlet cleared

200 feet of broken pipe replaced between holes #15 & #17

Same area between #15 & #17 being graded for pipe and stone
#13 men's tee area before repairs begin
Chris Berry saw cutting path for pipe

Trench dug across path
Team continues to expand on trenching
Rough trenching done
Trenches flowing and waiting for ground water to recede