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Monday, August 2, 2010

We Are Hydrojecting And Needle Tining Greens

A break in the golf calendar today is providing the perfect opportunity to finish the needle tining we started last week. We are also hydrojecting some greens. The Hydroject is a water injection aerification machine. This machine injects water, at high pressure, to an average depth of five inches. It creates minimal surface disruption. The hole is about the same size as a coat hanger. By tomorrow, golfers will not even know we were there.
While needle tining vents the turf to help with gaseous exchange in the soil profile, hydrojecting helps relieve compaction during the season without sacrificing playing conditions for extended periods of time. These two cultural practices are critical to our ability to help turfgrass survive the stressful summer between our scheduled, more invasive, core aerifications.
Ryan Hydrojecting #11 Green