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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Etiquette Reminders! Fixing Ballmarks and Filling Divots!

It's time for a couple of important etiquette reminders. The top two are fixing ballmarks and filling divots. They are especially important because they not only improve the turf from a health perspective but directly effect a players round of golf. No one wants to find their ball in an unfilled divot or have a putt bounce off line due to an unrepaired ballmark.
Divot mix is provided on every tee and cart. Walkers are also provided with mix at the proshop or as they head out to the first hole. We work hard to prepare a special mix for filling divots and it is important that it gets used up so we can refresh it constantly. Remember, we only fill divots on tees and fairways. Replace your divots in the rough and first cut.
The USGA has provided players with a series of informational videos under the label of "Fore the Golfer". Below is a video about fixing ballmarks correctly. Please enjoy and remember to fix your ballmark and at least one other while you are on the green.