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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Striped Skunk Damages First Cut On Hole #5

It must be September! Every year we experience some late season Striped Skunk damage. The damage is usually localized and is an indicator as to where we have white grubs in the turf. White grubs are one of the primary food sources for skunks. The damage is almost always in the rough where we don't treat for grubs. All tees, greens and fairways are treated with insecticide to avoid this type of damage. White grubs, themselves, can also inflict severe damage to turf roots. Especially in the shorter cut turf.
The cost to treat for white grubs in the rough would be very expensive.
The turf in our rough is much stronger and is able to withstand minor white grub populations. I call it the "Agronomic Threshold". By definition, this is the line in which turf can endure pest damage, of any kind, until it reaches a point where there is a dramatic reduction in quality, health and playability. When we see indicators, like skunk or black crow damage, we spot treat the localized area. This is much more cost effective and environmentally friendly than blanket pesticide applications.

Localized Damage In First Cut Between Tee & Fairway

Striped Skunk

White Grub
Turf Easily Pealed Back Exposing White Grub