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Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Great Start To The Season!


The last six months have been very good on the golf course! Warm temperatures at the end of last season not only allowed players to enjoy the course longer, but gave the maintenance staff the rare opportunity to accomplish some projects and extra maintenance.

  • Most importantly, we had the INCREDIBLY RARE opportunity to complete our Spring aerification in December! Yes, you read that correctly... 

  • We spent extra time working on our bunkers
  • We did a large amount of tree work to improve turf health and playability
    • We will begin aerifying and seeding the work areas next week
  • We installed a split rail fence along #16 path
  • We made some much needed repairs and upgrades to our irrigation pump station
  • Etc.
A couple more quick notes...
  • Do not be alarmed about those interesting yellow rings on the greens. It is a very non invasive disease that will clear up with our next application of plant protectants next week. There are a few different names for it but most common is "Cool Season Brown Patch"

  • You may notice that our fairways, tees and greens are off color. This is due to our yearly applications for Poa Annua seed-head control. We use special growth regulators to suppress the seed-heads. This practice not only provides golfers with much better playing conditions but actually enhances turf health.
  • We have been allowing the turf to dry out as much as possible so you may see some wilt damage. This is normal and we are trying our best to provide fast firm playing conditions. We are also taking advantage of allowing the Poa Annua to become more stressed on the greens which helps the more desirable Creeping Bentgrass to flourish. We will be overseeding greens in a few weeks and this will only give us better results. Don't be alarmed by overseeding. It is the slice seeder we purchased last year and is non-invasive. The greens recover rapidly.
  • We have begun our weed control sprays and you will slowly see those few dandelions going away. Remember that we try to blanket large areas first, then pay attention to the hard to reach areas like "noses" of bunkers and edges around trees, etc.