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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Linden Tree Blows Down On Hole #5

A Linden tree snapped at its base and fell during the storm on Saturday, November twenty-eigth. The high winds associated with the storm (gusts up to 50 MPH) were more than the tree could handle. The roots of the tree were girdling the base which weakened it. Girdling is basically a form of strangulation.

Close up of girdled roots

Mid-range photo

Long-range photo

We have seen several Linden trees with similar problems over the years.
Recently we had to remove a Linden tree on hole #7 for the same problem (photo below). Note the difference between the dying, girdled tree that is circled and the tree next to it. They were planted at the same time 26 years ago. I know because I planted them at the young age of eighteen.