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Friday, March 4, 2011

Golf Course Condition Update

I was able to take a thorough tour of the course today and check for more tree damage and measure ice thickness on greens. Tree damage has been mostly contained to our white pines in the form of broken branches. We did have a couple of perimeter trees that fell during the winter and caused minor fence damage. Most significantly, a tree fell across the north side fence of court #5 at the tennis facility. While tree damage has been more than average this winter, no major damage was sustained and our feature trees look good. Cleanup will begin as soon as ground conditions allow.

The course still has a coating of snow and ice that averages one foot in depth. The recent heavy rains have left an ice layer on the greens that varies in thickness. Higher areas on greens have a thin layer and low areas have as much as two inches. Ice layers can be damaging to the greens if they exist for extended periods of time. Snow and ice removal on greens is not an option at this stage and we are hoping that melting continues at a rapid rate. I will keep everyone updated on conditions over the next few weeks.
Once the snow and ice have dissipated, I expect ground conditions to be very soft. Soft ground conditions will likely inhibit cleanup and the eventual opening of the course. Looks like we are still a few weeks away.

Fallen Tree Across Tennis Fence on Court #5
White Pines on Right Side #4 Green
One Foot of Snow & Ice Covering #16 Green
Two Inch Ice Layer Covering Turf Surface on Front of #16 Green