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Friday, March 11, 2011

Snow & Ice Melting Fast

The snow and ice is melting fast and course conditions are extremely wet from the additional heavy rain. The maintenance staff used a snow blower to remove the snow from thirteen green on Wednesday. We wanted to expose the underlying ice so the warm rain could melt it. We have some turf on a few greens that looks discolored so we have taken sample plugs and brought them into the office. By warming the plugs inside they will break dormancy and we can see if there is any damage. We should know what we are facing in a few days.
There has been snow mold damage to areas in the rough and fairways but nothing too significant. It may look bad but generally grows out after the turf breaks dormancy.

Greens and tees are going to remain closed until the ground firms up enough to support foot traffic. Walkers can tee the ball up in the rough and play the temporary greens. Please refrain from walking on any tee or green surface. You will cause damage to the turf!

#13 Green on 3-9-11 After Snow Blown Off
#13 Green, After Rain Today
Sample Plug From #16 Green Brought Into Office to Stimulate Growth
Snow Mold Fungus on #15 Fairway