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Sunday, November 4, 2012

I Made a New Friend Today... Chase!

Nine year old Chase just happened to pass me on the course and I invited him to go for a ride with me. I can't be sure who enjoyed it more, he or I. Chase definitely has skills as a driver. I see a future golf course maintenance worker. I appreciate his family trusting me and I was thrilled they let me take  him for a short ride. After our initial ride , I gave him a radio for him to contact me during his dinner. He informed me that Mac & Cheese was his favorite. Chef Jay Quinlan made a special plate. Chase pointed out that GM Sean also made an amazing ice cream Sunday for him too.

Chase and I then had the opportunity to show off his skills after his family brunch!

Chase shows everyone about divot filling on #10 Tee
Chase also learned about where and where not to drive on the course. He actually questioned my next move, positioning him for the next picture. He knew I was asking him to park somewhere he shouldn't.

Yes I had him pose for this picture! He fought me on it because I had explained earlier this is not where to drive!
I find it amazing I can teach a nine year old so quickly. I promised he wouldn't get in trouble because I helped him park there to make a point!
I was thrilled to meet such an extraordinary young man.
Anytime you want, you come visit me Chase!!!