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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Golf Course Update! Dollar Spot & Irrigation Fire?

It was a productive day yesterday as we were able to finish some of our project work.
That said...
We began the day seeing many rough areas heavily infected with Dollar Spot disease. The oppressive humidity and other environmental conditions were perfect for this disease to attack. While unsightly, the turfgrass will recover. The weather change last night was enough to stop it from spreading. If we have another outbreak, we will apply plant protectants around the greens.

The "cotton like" substance is called Mycelium.
It is the vegetative part of the fungus.
Adding to the surprise attack on the turf, we had a fire in one of our irrigation satellites. A short in the wiring was the culprit. We have a new satellite on the way. In the mean time, we will need to water the stations by turning the heads on manually using a flag key. The twenty-five sprinklers are in the first 100 yards of eighteen fairway and eighteen tee.

Never say you've seen it all!
Flag key is inserted in top of sprinkler for manual operation.

Flag key.