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Friday, August 28, 2015

Aerification & Turfco Triwave 40 Overseeding Complete!

Aerification and overseeding with our new Turfco Triwave 40 overseeder went very well! A special thanks goes out to Mark Osborn from Steven Willand Inc. in Brookfield, CT. Mark went the extra mile by getting the overseeder here on short notice. Excellent service!
All greens, collars and approaches were aerified and topdressed first. Then we overseeded in two directions. Overseeding immediately after topdressing brought up the perfect amount of sand to brush into the slits created by the machine and fill any aerifying holes that needed it.
You will notice some stressed turf, especially on collars, from the aggressive process we employed. Most of which will bounce back in the coming days.
You will also start to see seed germinating in the slices. To get the most from the overseeding, we will be lightly watering the greens several times per day to keep them moist.
Today we start the healing process! We are applying plant protectants and fertilizers to all the greens. All they need is a little time to grow without much mechanical stress. We will not be mowing or rolling much over the next few days to reduce stress. We expect another heat wave to hit in the next few days so we must remain cautious with our maintenance regime.
Expect the greens to be a little soft, slow and bumpy for a while. They will gradually improve over the next couple of weeks. It will be worth the wait!

Close up of Triwave 40
Chris running the overseeder
Close up of green surface after entire process completed. Notice that the diameter of the holes are reduced due to Triwave overseeding being done after aerification and topdressing.