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Friday, September 3, 2010

USGA Green Section Posts "What Happened & Why" Videos

The USGA Green Section has published "What Happened and Why" videos for all regions explaining, in detail, what all golf courses have gone through this record breaking summer. The video below is very informative. Please spend the time to view it.

An Important Message For Golfers and Superintendents
Let's step back from the edge of failure
by James T. Snow, national director, USGA Green Section

It's been a rough year for golf courses and the professionals who care for them. This past summer proved one of the worst ever for growing bentgrass and Poa annua. In fact, damage this summer was so widespread and severe that we are devoting this entire issue of the Record to this topic.

We believe it is extremely important to make golfers aware of one of the most prominent factors that generated so much damage to greens - the expectation for very fast greens all year round. To meet these expectancies, superintendents are mowing lower throughout the summer months when the bentgrass and Poa annua are most susceptible to injury. The combination of low mowing, abnormally high temperatures, and other stresses simply proved too much, and in many instances resulted in the complete loss of putting greens throughout all Green Section regions.

We can all learn a lot from this past season. Perhaps the most important lesson is to recognize that pushing greens too hard can place them on the edge of failure.

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