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Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Are Overseeding Greens #12, #13 & The Practice Green Today

A local equipment distributor, Steve Willand Co., was kind enough to let us "demo" a new style of overseeder today. I have heard very good reviews about the Turfco overseeder and the timing is perfect to achieve the maximum germination of seed. To fully take advantage of the free use of this machine, I made the decision to overseed greens #12 and #13 in addition to the practice green. Greens #12 and #13 have shown the most signs of thinning and the addition of more creeping bentgrass is our best option for improvement. It is also the best way to reduce the high percentage of the undesirable Poa Annua that populates these greens.

While there is some surface disruption, it is minimal. The putting surfaces will be just fine in a couple of days.
The true test of this machine will be the germination results we hope to see in the next week or two. I will follow up at that time.

Turfco Overseeder

Seed Flowing Through Tube
Finished Product
Close Up of Grooves