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Monday, September 13, 2010

Who Is Cutting Traffic Ropes At The Farms CC? Help Solve The Mystery!

I find it unfortunate that I actually have to broach this subject on my blog. Throughout the season we have been finding that traffic ropes are being cut. Originally I thought it was just a couple of isolated incidents but it is actually getting worse. Yesterday as I headed back to the maintenance facility around 3:45pm, I noticed several ropes were cut again. I know they were fine in the morning. The vandalism always happens during the day and it's never when we have an outside event.
It may seem like a simple maintenance inconvenience, but it's more than that. We started by replacing large sections of rope to eliminate the unsightliness of tying knots, but it started to cost too much money as more and more sections were cut. We are now forced to just tie knots in the ropes because of budget constraints. More importantly, when ropes are cut, carts can then go into important "play" areas and damage the fine turf.
Please help the grounds crew solve the mystery! We don't care who is doing it. We just want it to stop so we can focus our attention and budget dollars on more constructive maintenance practices.