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Monday, March 5, 2012

Drainage Projects Progressing Nicely

We are already reaping the benefits of our drainage projects! The areas we have fixed / installed drainage are working well and will be completed once the warmer weather arrives. It is still too cold to do some minor finish grading and seeding.

Basins, pipe and rough grade set and working well at #13 tee (3-3-12).

Water flowing nicely from outlet pipe at #13 tee (3-3-12).

Area fixed between #15 tee & #17 fairway. Ready for seed.
An additional project over the winter months was completed on the front of #13 green. We stripped sod from the approach to allow water to flow off the green instead of collecting there. We stripped more sod in the last week of February and regraded it for a more permanent fix.

Sod strips removed in late fall. Notice sand that flowed out of stripped areas.

Removed sod laid on tarp for winter.

Entire area stripped, re-graded & re-sodded. Working nicely! (3-3-12)